We Moved Over Christmas Break

February 1, 2019

Can it be done?  Yes it can.  I’m here to tell you that as I look back to December 14th, I have realized that moving over a time when you have about a week off is a perfect time to move.  Here’s why.

If you celebrate Christmas, you have to kick it into high gear by getting or staying organized, keeping track of all your decorations (however many you have) and getting set up asap.  If you only have a week off work, you know you need to get everything important done that week because as soon as you go back to work, you’re not going to feel like it.

Here’s the story.  We hadn’t even planned to move, but like the rest of us middle aged folk, we enjoy checking out Zillow and dreaming of what could be.  I like to pretend money’s no object and figure out what changes I would make to a home. Anyway, my husband saw a house in our same neighborhood and we started talking.  I wasn’t sure it was a possibility until Halloween night.  The cool thing about this home was that it offered more room to spread out, a bigger back yard for the kids and the dog to play in, more privacy and it was on a lake.  Hello sunsets and kayaking time.  It also offered us the opportunity to expand as needed.

We finally made the jump to put our home on the market on a Thursday.  I staged and took photos of our home to post on the agent’s website and prepare for showings.  By Saturday, someone was interested in seeing the house.  And by Sunday night, we had an offer.  Talk about a whirlwind!  We were actually selling our home.

It was time to get boxes, tape and get organized.  And that we did.  We packed our entire home, while putting an offer on another house.  We made the choice to move ourselves because moving companies are ridiculously priced and not very dependable and we’re in shape enough to handle it.

Questions that were asked of us included “mom, are we going to have a Christmas tree?”  My reply?  Yes, of course!  In my mind, I thought ugh, dammit, one more thing to do.  “Will Santa know where to go and will he come?” Yes, of course he will! In my mind, I thought oh my god, I need to find the gifts we packed up and we need to wrap them.

The day came when it was time to move and it was predicted to rain all afternoon, which it didn’t. One of my husband’s friends from work helped us tremendously and then neighbors old and new started coming out of the woodwork to help.  I was in shock.  We expected nothing because who really wants to help anyone move?  Much to our surprise, we got tons of help and for that I am so grateful.  Had it not been for the people who helped, we would’ve never gotten everything done in a day. I will remember them forever. Good people do exist and I’m happy they’re in our lives because those are the kind of people you want in your corner.

So yes Virginia, you can move a week and half before Christmas as I feel that it pushes you to get things done and in a timely manner.

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