The Best Business Assistant I’ve Ever Had

February 3, 2019

Finding good people in this world can sometimes be difficult.  Good intentions, good character, good photography, good attitude and good sense of humor.  I met a really good person and we frequently second shoot for each others’ weddings.

Let’s start from the beginning.  It was my 2nd wedding ever and this bride invited the whole world to her wedding, so it was imperative that I have a second shooter to help cover all the details of her big day.  It was also in my hometown and I knew at least half of the guest list.  Not only would I need help covering the details, I would need someone to keep me on track and focused.  I knew many guests would approach me and want to catch up since they had known me for 39 years.  And these are folks that I don’t get to see that often.

Well, I knew of one photographer who was (and still is) amazing and I thought I’d ask her. We hung out a couple times and I just adored her.  About 6 months prior to the wedding, she called me and let me know that she wouldn’t be able to physically shoot that long due to a wrist injury.  Luckily, she referred me to someone named Kristen and gave me plenty of time in advance to rework my plan.

I called Kristen.  I didn’t know her, but I called her after checking out her website and I liked what I saw.  Kristen said yes!  Yay, I had a second shooter for this huge wedding.

Wedding day arrived quickly after and Kristen met me at the location, which was 4 hours away.  OMG, so many variables, but it worked.  Not only did she show up on time and help with many many details, but she was friendly and funny and a smart ass, just like me.  We had a ball together and I am so grateful.  Since then, we have worked a few weddings together and have had some good times.  We’ve also had some awkward moments at some weddings where we’ve had to talk each other through something.  (Because everyone in the wedding business stumbles across something awry or “not as planned.”)  So, a BIG thank you to Kristen over at Gingersnap by Kristen for being awesome and turning into a friend through the process!!  You’re the best!

It’s so nice when things work, don’t you agree?  There have been so many learning opportunities in this business, but there have also been just as many times where it was meant to be or it just worked.

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