Indoor Versus Outdoor Weddings

January 28, 2019

Choosing a place to get married and hold a reception can be easy if you weigh all the pros and cons.  Your educated decision will prepare you for anything that the day may throw your way.

Reasons to have an Indoor Wedding

  • You’ll never have to worry about the weather. Here in Virginia Beach, the weather is somewhat unpredictable.  The forecast could say 75 and it ends up being 85. A 10 degree difference is pretty harsh on a cake and the groomsmen.
  • You can decorate with ease and not worry about wind knocking something over or rain saturating your lit candles.
  • The space is more intimate and private and you will feel cozier. You also won’t hear outside noises, like birds or cars.
  • No Bugs. No flies around the food.  No mosquitos biting you and all the guests.  No ladybugs landing on a white gown.  They are relentless.
  • Tent Rentals.They can be quite costly.  Not only would you need a tent, but you’d need tables, chairs and linens.  When renting an indoor space, it usually comes with the price.
  • Supply and Demand. Your calendar just opened up to more possible dates.  If you choose an indoor space, you could probably save some money and have a winter wedding inside.

Reasons to have an Outdoor Wedding

  • You have natural beauty outside. Whether it’s the ocean or a wooded park, you’re sure to have beautiful photos afterward.
  • The lighting is gorgeous. Natural light is softer and warmer.  Outdoor light makes everyone’s skin look stunning.  Just ask a photographer.  You’ll have your photographs forever, so you will want excellent photos.
  • More space.If you plan to invite children, this will give them the opportunity to run around and entertain themselves.  Space is limited inside, so your guestlist will be too. If seating is for 100 people, that’s it.  There are fire codes in place and venues that hold events are not going to bend the rules.
  • The theme is easier to create when decorating. If you love the beach, why not just have it AT the beach?  If you love the woods, why not just have it at First Landing State Park?
  • You have more options when choosing your caterer. This way, you don’t have to go with the hotel food if you’re having the event in a hotel.

Whatever your choice is, just be sure to have fun and let me capture all the smiles, the emotion and amazing time with family and friends.

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