Noteworthy Musician

March 16, 2020

Meet Steve Ambrose. Steve has been a performing musician all of his adult life.   After completing a career with the Virginia Beach Schools as a band director and as the Fine Arts Coordinator, he continues to perform in a number of different genres.  Currently, he divides his time between playing with Bill Deal’s Original Rhondels and his love of jazz, where he performs as a vocalist and on flute, clarinet and saxophone.

I find it beneficial to go see live music from time to time.  It’s been known to reduce stress and can sweep us away from daily troubles.  Our brains actually release endorphins, the happy chemicals,  when we listen to live music.  I feel like it also gives us an opportunity to appreciate something that we may not necessarily be able to do, or perhaps it could inspire us to learn something new whether it be a new song or instrument.  It’s never too late to learn something new and expand our minds bit further.  Hearing familiar songs always gives me a good memory from a time in my life, creating sort of a nostalgia effect.  Lastly, in this digital age, where we find ourselves immersed head down in our cell phones, it’s a good thing to get out and socialize with others face to face.  So, I encourage everyone to look up Steve Ambrose, find out his schedule of events and take in an evening with him and his beautiful music here in Virginia Beach.  I think he is currently forming a new schedule and once I find out, I’ll post the link here.  In the meantime, here is his website!

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