Football Season

August 19, 2019

I am not, I repeat, I am not a fan of football.  I don’t care about the NFL or college ball at all.  I don’t want to sit there for what feels like 4 hours to watch a team play. I don’t know the players or their story. Once, I tried to step out of the box and be on a fantasy league in my twenties and I didn’t enjoy it.  What was I thinking?  Worst $10 spent.

However, I do love me some flag football when my son plays.  I am totally the mom who yells from the sideline, GOOO, HE’S GOT IT (while pointing to some random kid), RUUUUN, PASS and I own it fully.  I am not ashamed.  I’m also not ashamed to whip out my huge 70-200mm lens and take the hell out of some pictures.  Clicking away and yelling on the sidelines.  That’s what I do.  Everyone in my family shakes their head at me, but I don’t care because I am entertained and I am proud.

This year, my son played fall and spring flag football.  I just loved every bit of it.  He scored touchdowns, played hard and was loyal to his team.  Both fall and spring coaches loved him.  And boy did he have fun and learn so much.  We started the tradition of playing hype-up songs in the car on the way to games and I really think it worked!  ACDC’s Thunderstruck and Metallica’s Enter Sandman were a few songs blaring through our car speakers.  Air drums and air guitars silently sliced through the open space of the car cabin as if we knew every chord and every cymbal hit.   By the time we would pull into the parking lot, it was go time.  On cold nights, I liked to make a batch of hot cocoa, bring blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, you name it and we’d all cuddle up like we were in the middle of Antarctica. During the spring season, we carried bottles of ice water, ice towels, coolers, umbrellas and sunblock.  My husband helped me drag it all out from the car to the field and never judged me.

Needless to say, flag football starts the first week of September and I’m already getting revved up! Time to go buy new cleats and a cart to carry all that crap to the field!


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