Let’s Get Comfy

January 1, 2019

You have booked a session with me. You’ve paid the retainer fee. You’ve picked out your outfit and coordinating outfits for your family. You’ve set aside a little extra time to make sure your hair and makeup are on point. You’ve reminded everyone throughout the day. You’ve fed the kids, gave them a nap and changed them at the last minute so as not to ruin their outfits. It’s time to drive to our location.

You wish you hadn’t gotten into a mini argument with hubster. You wish your youngest didn’t just spill chocolate milk all over himself resulting in a last second outfit change. You wish your hair were different. You wish, for once, that people cared what mom wanted, for an hour a day. Plus, why is everyone else unhappy? You’ve done everything for them. You’ve arranged, picked out and staged. Now you’re not happy. You feel fat. You feel ugly. And you’re uncomfortable. And you’re not really digging your family at the moment. God forbid you run late or can’t find the place.

Sound familiar?

Boy, do I understand. It’s not just your family. It’s everyone I see on picture day. Yes it is. Please realize that you are not the only one. It’s truly everyone. Even I feel this way with my family AND I know a ton of photographers who I trust will make miracles.

Let me help. I have tricks up my sleeve. I’ll explain.

  1. I am a Kindergarten teacher too (it is possible to love two jobs). I know kids. I don’t care how silly or goofy I act/look. I just want your child to smile. We play games and I bribe them and we’re all set. It’s no secret.
  2. I was in sales for a long time years ago, therefore, I can find a way to relate to teens and reluctant adults who hate the camera. I had some senior sessions this past summer where all we did was laugh or giggle the whole time. I show them the picture to see if they like it and then I get an idea of what makes them feel comfortable.
  3. I’m myself. I am positive and I compliment, but I’m genuine. I’m not going to tell you that your shirt is my favorite color if it’s not. I’m also kind and I feel that if we treat people the way we want to be treated, it multiplies and it ends up in a good experience. I’m also a hugger. It’s ok if you’re not, I’m not offended.
  4. I like to laugh, so if you feel like your day is going awry, we can laugh it off. In fact, those are some of my best images. It’s all going to be ok. I promise. I had a bride one time who was annoyed at her future mother in law and I snapped a shot of her (the bride’s) face. It ended up being one of the prettiest, sexiest images of her in all 900 images. She was serious, but her face was in great light and her lips were pursed in a way that meant business.
  5. I’m honest and I want you to trust me. I will fix a hair that is out of place. I will tell you if we need to switch sides or angles. When you book a session with me or even a wedding, I’m not going to let you leave until you look amazing. Leave the photography to me. We will have a blast and at the end of the day, if you’re still not happy, we’ll fix it.

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