Steps To Take When Booking Your Wedding

January 8, 2019

I pride myself on being super communicative with my clients.   I feel like it’s important to be clear and informative during this busy time of planning for the bride and groom.  In this entry, I plan to explain the steps I take as your future photographer so that the days leading up to your big day runs smoothly.  You will always know how much you owe and what you’re getting with my price.  Please understand that my job doesn’t only consist of pushing a camera button.

  1. Inquiry Questions.  Happy couple contacts me to inquire about my calendar availability and my price for their wedding.  I will email you a questionnaire so that I can get the basic details of your vision.  Example questions include: How long do you need me?  And what’s your budget?
  2. Proposal.  Once that information is provided, I will send a proposal with three different price options.  Every proposal is different because many weddings have a specific customization that the couple prefers for me to carry out.   I offer payment plans or provide the option to pay it all up front.  I also give you a list of what exactly you’re paying for and what you’ll get when you hire me.
  3. Meeting.  Once the proposal is reviewed and accepted, we will meet at a local spot to discuss further wedding details, like if you want an engagement shoot, and really just to get to know each other.  It’s always better to talk in person when you can. If you’re far away from Virginia Beach, we can FaceTime.
  4. Contract.  Once we’ve met, we move to the contract.  I may even have you sign the contract at the end of our meeting if you want to book right away.  Then you send me the 10% retainer fee to stay booked on the calendar and we’re all set!
  5. Photo Checklist.  A bit of time will go by and I will send you a checklist.  I grab a picture of everything and anything on your wedding day, but in case there’s a specific image you’d like to have or recreate, I won’t know unless we have a checklist.  This checklist ensures that once again, we are clear as to your expectations of me and my deliverables to you.
  6. Timeline.  After returning your checklist to me, and a couple weeks before the big day, I will create a timeline for you of when and where your photos will be taken.  This will help you and your fiancé know where you’ll need to be and when.  I do love a good timeline and I will stick to it.  I do buffer a few minutes in-between each section of shooting.  It’s understandable on the wedding day if random things happen and someone in the wedding party or even another vendor is thrown off schedule.  In fact, it happens at every wedding and I’m not surprised.  I do plan to get us back on track though.

This step by step guide works every time for me.  I enjoy informing the client, being organized and prepared for your wedding day.

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