How to Dress For a Photo Shoot and What to Wear

January 9, 2019

When I’m booking and scheduling a photo session with people, I always tell the mom or bride to pick her outfit out first.  She will not feel up for pictures if she doesn’t look stunning.  Once she has her outfit, the rest of the group can build around her with coordinating colors and patterns.

During the spring and summer, I see a lot of bright, cheerful colors like coral and navy or yellow and cobalt blue, even pastels work for spring time.  Fall and winter are great for those deep, bold colors like rust orange and eggplant purple and of course Christmas photos involve many shades of red and green.  If you Google a color wheel, you’ll see that purple goes with yellow, green goes with red and blue goes with orange.  Some families and groups like to do a shade of one color, like green or perhaps neutrals like gray, black and white.  When in doubt, you can always find a third color to match your two-color choices, like sand, white, gray or black.  And since denim is back in full swing, you can always throw in a denim shirt for the win. We have so many options!  A link to the 2019 colors of fashion is here.

The point is, as long as you feel great in your outfit, you’ll be ready to smile and you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera.

If you need a haircut or dye, then get it done before the session so that you are confident in yourself. Take time to trim your nails, add some lip color and iron your shirt.  All the details matter because the camera shows it off.

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