My Story

Soon after our wedding, my husband and I decided to discuss the idea of children.  I joked with him one day and said that I didn’t want to start a family until I got a good camera with a fast shutter speed.  One month later, I landed myself a shiny new camera courtesy of my husband.  One year later, we were pregnant with our first child.

After receiving my new camera, I read the manual, played around, took pictures of a banana in a window at different times of the day and started to figure it out.  If it weren’t for my sister in law, who taught me how to shoot manually, I would’ve never fallen in love with photography.  Not only did she teach me, but she helped me find photography courses to take so I could learn more and get better. During this time, other family and friends encouraged me along the way and suggested I start a photography business.  My love for photography turned into my business and I’m so grateful I took the plunge because I absolutely love my job.

So here I am.

I want to be your photographer.  A positive attitude and good communication go a long way and I will deliver that.  My intention is to make your experience fun and easy and you will end up with some fantastic photos to show that may just tell YOUR story.